Nîvê rengdêr 67-Corimax Orange2952

Navnîşa hilberîna parameterê

Index rengîn No.Pigment orange 67
Navê hilberêCorimax Orange2952
Kategoriya hilberêPigmentiya organîk
Fastermbûnek ronahî6-7
Berxwedana Germê (dorpêçkirin)180
Dabeşkirina Hue

Taybetmendî: Bright orange.


Recommended for industrial paints, powder coatings, solvent inks, UV inks.
Suggested for automotive paint, architectural coatings, coil coatings, offset inks.

Molecular formula: C17H11ClN6O3
Molecular weight: 382.77
CAS No: 74336-59-7

Struktura Molekular:

Bikaranîna hilberê:
A high-opacity non-transparent product launched in recent years, the specific surface area of Paliotol Orange L2952 HD is 25m2 / g, giving a bright yellow-orange color tone, and the fastness in most organic solvents is not very satisfactory. It is mainly used for paint coloring, especially for long oil and medium oil alkyd resin systems, decorative paints and latex paints. It has excellent light and weather fastness. It can also be used in nitrocellulose solvent inks.

Prensîla synthesiyê:
2-Nitro-4-chloroaniline (red group 3GL) as a diazo component, dissolved in an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid under heating, cooled to 0-5 ° C, added an aqueous solution of sodium nitrite to carry out the diazotization reaction. The sulfamic acid was removed; the diazonium salt was coupled with the coupling component pyrazolo-quinazolone, and then subjected to a pigmentation treatment to prepare CI Pigment Orange 67.